Spec E46 Finally Arrives in SoCal

The first Spec E46 event in Southern California drew four cars to Buttonwillow. A small grid, but a great start to a new series in the region. It was especially encouraging that two other E46s, which are well on their way to being spec, showed up to run in HPDE.
For Saturday, the track was set up in the No. 13 CCW configuration, which includes the Sweeper and Bus Stop. Peter Hopelain had the quickest lap time in qualifying with Ryan Keeley second, followed by Peter Oneppo and Michael Beale. The group decided that inverting the grid would make for the most interesting racing, which put Beale on pole for his first race since getting his license.
In the race, Spec E46 was to take the same flag as Spec E30 in a standing start. As the cars lined up, they left a gap between themselves and the Spec E30s. This, along


Taking Racing off the Streets

MotorGospel Ministries’ Aaron Schwartzbart partners with local law enforcement and NASA SoCal to create a winning anti-street-racing campaign.
Angel Rodriguez was in handcuffs in police custody after being arrested for doing donuts in a Los Angeles intersection while a police officer looked on. It was the second time he’d been arrested for a traffic infraction. The first time he was arrested was for racing on a freeway at speeds in excess of 140 mph.
Rodriguez’s mother then got in touch with Sgt. Jesse Garcia, the leader of the Central Traffic Division Street Racing Task Force, at the time the most vigorous anti-street-racing task force in LAPD. Garcia introduced Rodriguez to Aaron Schwartzbart and the MotorGospel anti-street-racing program.
The next month, Rodriguez had a wrench in hand, helping to keep the stable of cars running under the MotorGospel Ministries banner at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Rather than being fined $1,400 and having his car impounded


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