A Little Luck to Help Tom Paule Clinch Honda Challenge 2 Championship in His Honda CRX Si

Sometimes a little luck is all that is needed to help clinch a Championship. Just ask Tom Paule, who saw his Honda CRX Si was getting low on fuel as he was coming up on lap 13 in the 14 lap race.
That’s when the second yellow flag of the race came out, helping Paule bring home his first Championship in Honda Challenge 2.
“That helped me out a lot, because I was worried about fuel,” Paule said. “After 13 laps I’d start burping on fuel and I think we ran 14 laps and the yellows helped me out a lot.”
Paule was chasing Ken Adelberg around the track but knew the driver was ineligible for the Championship because he hadn’t participated in enough races during the season.
“Rather than battle him hard and try to pass him on the last lap, I said I’ll just play status quo and stay right behind him,”


Rob Krider Took the Acura Integra He Built Throughout the Year and Chronicled in the Pages of Speed News to Take the Honda Challenge 4 Championship

Having grown up drag racing, Rob Krider knew the standing-start in Honda Challenge 4 could work to his advantage in the Championship race. What he couldn’t anticipate was a pair of yellow flags that kept class competitors within striking distance.
None of that mattered as Krider won his first Championship as a rookie driver in the Honda Challenge 4 series.
“I got the standing-start advantage and then I put some (Honda Challenge 2) cars between myself and the rest of the field,” Krider said. “I just ran with H2 cars as much as I could so that they could fight it out behind me. There were a lot of ugly things happening that I had nothing to do with.”
Krider turned the best lap time in the nine-team field, posting a 2:07.83 that was nearly a full second faster than second-place finisher Manny Coats. Keith Kramer grabbed third in his 1993 Acura Integra.


2017 SoCal NASA Season Schedule

Feb 18/19 – Chuckwalla (No SoCal Points)

March 18/19 – Willow Springs

April 22/23 – Buttonwillow

May 20/21– Auto Club

June 24/25 – Buttonwillow

Oct 6-8 – Western States Champs @ Thunderhill (Single Race)

Oct 28/29 – Buttonwillow (*Double Points*)

Nov 18/19 – Streets of Willow Springs (HPDE/TT Only)

Competition License

Q: Why is it that even after I complete my provisional competition license, I still have to run four more races to remove the rookie marks and orange plate?
A: According to the Club Codes and Regulations you are required to display and orange plate and “R” decals for the first eight races. This let’s more experienced drivers know that you are a rookie. The faster driver may take that into account when deciding where to pass the rookie driver. A rookie, by definition, will have a provisional license. Once a rookie finishes four clean races and gets the four races signed off by the race director, they still have display the rookie decals and plate for four more races, even though they have received a hard-card license. Having a provisional license to give to the race director during the first four races, allows the race director a means to watch


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