Time Trial

Compete for the fastest lap in an open-passing series with a high degree of safety and convenience.  Time Trial (TT) runs in a “best lap time” format with advanced open-passing sessions, and bridges the gap between HPDE4 and wheel-to-wheel racing. Drivers earn awards, prizes and recognition.

To participate in TT in NASA SoCal, you must have a valid, NASA Time Trial license.  Find out how to get started.


The minimum requirement for a NASA TT license is a verifiable driver history in an open-passing environment, such as:

  • Successful completion of HPDE 4 or equivalent;
  • A current NASA Competition or Provisional Race License;
  • A current competition, provisional, or TT license from another motorsport organization.

To apply for your NASA Time Trial License, click HERE.


TT has seven classes organized as follows:

  • One (1) unlimited class
  • Three (3) production car classes
  • Three (3) combined production/non-production car classes


Since TT is a competition group, you MUST properly classify your car before you compete. If you have not already done so, you must conduct a power test (on a Dynojet dyno) and weigh your car.

The car classification rules, forms and procedures can be found in the Super Touring series rules:



Make sure your dyno operator also completes the certification form.

Once you know your car’s maximum wheel horsepower and minimum competition weight (with driver), you should start playing around with the online classification tool to figure out where you’ll be competing.

For more information and license approval, contact John Magnuson, Time Trial series leader: [email protected]