How to prepare for the track

New to HPDE or to NASA SoCal events? Here you will find helpful information to get you started. 

What to expect:

  • A very different experience! Driving on a racetrack is very different than driving on the street.
  • There are lots of things going on! You have to pay attention to the gas pedal, cars on track, shifting, braking, and listening to your instructor.
  • No passengers
  • In-car instruction. In HPDE 1, you will be assigned an individual instructor who will work with you throughout the day or until you are checked out to move up to HPDE 2.

How to prepare:

  • Clean car of all loose objects: Make sure there are no loose objects in your car. You may not have or use any hand-held objects (cameras/ cell phones, etc.) while driving on track.
  • Track map and handout: Get a track map, study it, and be able to correlate to the real thing. It is important to learn corner numbers and where flaggers are placed.
  • Start learning the flags: You must learn flags prior to getting on track. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us.

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HPDE lead instructors

HPDE Intro, 1-2: Patrick Orozco, [email protected]

HPDE 3-4: