How to apply for a NASA license

You need to have a NASA Competition License to race, and a NASA Time Trial License to compete in Time Trial in NASA SoCal. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before you start the application process.

To apply for your NASA Time Trial license, follow steps 1-3.

To apply for your NASA Competition License, complete steps 1-5.


1. Create a profile on the main NASA website.

2. Purchase your membership and license.

3. Complete a NASA Competition License Application.

Be prepared to upload copies of your driver’s license, race resume, and previous race results.

4. Take the CCR test. After you submit the application, check for an email with a test to check your mastery of NASA racing rules. Check your spam folder!

5. Complete a NASA Medical Application.

  • After you submit the application, keep an eye out for an email with further instructions — check your spam folder!
  • For questions about the medical application process, email Carolina Patron: [email protected]

That’s it! Once you complete all the steps, we will receive notification that your license is ready for approval.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].