Roval Roundup Registration

June 2019: Forenz Arabian Takes First Spec E30 Win at Auto Club Speedway

March 20-21, 2021, Auto Club Speedway

HPDE 2, 3, 4* — Time Trial (TT) — Road Racing

Registration closes at 9pm on March 17, 2021.
  • There is a discount on registration until March 4.
  • On March 5, the price to register for racing increases by $50.
  • After registration closes on March 17, you can only register on-site, at the track.
  • On-site registration prices increase by $50 for all categories.
TT Driver Screening
  • If you register for TT, you must be pre-approved by the group leader prior to the event or have a TT license.
  • If you have not participated in NASA SoCal HPDE 4 or TT within the last two years and do not have a NASA Competition License or TT license, you MUST e-mail Greg Greenbaum, [email protected], for screening and approval.
Tech Information
  • Tech will be available on Friday, March 19, 3-6pm.
  • Fees:
    • 2021 Season Renewal (valid tech from 2020): $20.00
    • Initial Certification w/ Logbook: $40.00
    • HPDE Tech: $5.00

You need a transponder if you drive in time trial or race groups. Please provide your transponder number or rent one through the registration process.
You do not need a transponder if you participate in HPDE 1-2, since you are not timed. DO NOT rent a transponder.

**Due to current COVID safety protocols at ACS, we’ve put a temporary hold on registration for HPDE 1 at this event. If you have prior track experience, you may be able to register for HPDE 2.