2016 SoCal TT Champions

Congratulations to our 2016 NASA SoCal TT Champions!

TTU Jon Van Caneghem
TT1 Joe Arbor
TT2 Derrin Griffin
TT3 Herve Bezard
TTB Walter Carlos
TTC Team Greenbaum
TTD Fulton Haight
TTE Roman Vaisman
TTF Team Rotary Heds

2017 SoCal NASA Season Schedule

Feb 18/19 – Chuckwalla (No SoCal Points)

March 18/19 – Willow Springs

April 22/23 – Buttonwillow

May 20/21– Auto Club

June 24/25 – Buttonwillow

Oct 6-8 – Western States Champs @ Thunderhill (Single Race)

Oct 28/29 – Buttonwillow (*Double Points*)

Nov 18/19 – Streets of Willow Springs (HPDE/TT Only)

Competition License

Q: Why is it that even after I complete my provisional competition license, I still have to run four more races to remove the rookie marks and orange plate?
A: According to the Club Codes and Regulations you are required to display and orange plate and “R” decals for the first eight races. This let’s more experienced drivers know that you are a rookie. The faster driver may take that into account when deciding where to pass the rookie driver. A rookie, by definition, will have a provisional license. Once a rookie finishes four clean races and gets the four races signed off by the race director, they still have display the rookie decals and plate for four more races, even though they have received a hard-card license.

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