Endurance Racing

We have a solid endurance racing season planned for Southern California, with four WERC races on the schedule. The big news is that concurrently, we are piloting a series of shorter endurance races: Southern California Endurance Racing Challenge (SERC)

A stepping stone to WERC

SERC is an endurance racing series for licensed racers who are interested in dipping their toes into endurance racing. It is for racers who wants to gain experience in enduros before dedicating the level of resources required for long races.

A challenge, not a championship

SERC is a challenge, as opposed to WERC, which is a championship.

WERC rules plus mandatory 5-minute pit stops

The rules for SERC are the same as the rules for WERC, with one exception: There is a mandatory 5-minute pit stop per hour of racing. A team must complete one full lap between pit stops in multi-hour races. SERC will use the same car classification system as WERC. SERC rules are included in the SoCal Sups.

Races are 2-4 hours, daytime only

Each SERC race will be embedded into a WERC race by sharing the same start, but with a separate checkered flag. This year, we will run four SERC races in conjunction with the four WERC races:

  • Sat., Feb. 18 at Chuckwalla: 2 hours
  • Sat., April 15 at Buttonwillow: 3 hours
  • Sat., June 10 at Buttonwillow: 4 hours
  • Sat., Oct. 28 at Chuckwalla: 2 hours