License Requirements


Depending on your experience, we may ask to evaluate you on track and/or speak to you on the phone before approving your competition license.

These are the minimum eligibility requirements for a NASA Competition License:

You must have successfully completed of one of the following racing schools:

  • NASA Competition Drivers’ School
  • SCCA Competition Drivers’ School

We will accept certificates of completion from other racing schools on a case-by-case basis.


You must have a current race license with another major racing organization; e.g. FIA, IMSA, SCCA, SRO


You must be able to demonstrate proof of equivalent racing experience.


The minimum requirement for a NASA Time Trial license is a verifiable driver history in an open-passing environment, such as:

Successful completion of HPDE 4 or equivalent experience; or,

A valid NASA Competition or Provisional License; or,

A valid competition or TT license with another organization.

If you are new to NASA and have sufficient experience with another major racing organization, we may allow you to go directly into Time Trial competition.

When you apply for your TT license, make sure you include a resume of your competition experience and any other competition licenses you hold.

For additional information about Time Trial, contact John Magnuson, Time Trial series leader, at [email protected].

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