Sixth WERC Race and 2023 Rules

You’ve probably heard the exciting news about Mike Collins taking over as the series leader for WERC.

What you don’t know, and what we’re excited to announce, is that NASA NorCal has agreed to add a sixth race to the schedule on the weekend of Aug. 19-20 at Sonoma! The event will be added to the NorCal listing and to the main enduro schedule on the NASA website in the next few days.

Endurance Rule Changes in 2023

Here is the link to the 2023 Endurance Rules and to the 2023 SoCal Supps. There are some minor changes to the rules this year; see list below.

4.1 Classification

  • There is a new GT class. GT is open to all non-sports racers and non-prototypes.
  • ESR is open to all sports racers and closed prototypes.

6. Scoring

  • One (1) race drop will be automatically applied for season championship calculation.

8.2.11 Refueling

  • Exception: A sixth crew member may be used during refueling only for the sole purpose of manning an additional fire extinguisher.


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