Road Racing

Road racing in the NASA Southern California (SoCal) regional sprint race series is a fun, friendly experience that emphasizes good sportsmanship and clean competitive racing.

Race Day Format

As a licensed NASA racer, you compete in the SoCal regional race program and earn points for each sprint race over the season. Most NASA SoCal region events are “double” or “quadruple” weekend sprint race events (4 sprints per weekend.) You earn points for each sprint race/day. After each featured race on Saturday, everyone participates in a podium ceremony that awards and recognizes drivers for their performance.

Prizes and Awards

NASA offers some GREAT contingency programs. Racer recognition, photos, trophies and awards are part of the fun at the podium ceremonies and track socials. At the end of the season, we present year-end awards and trophies to qualified points champions in each NASA race series and class.

If you are a qualified SoCal racer, you have the opportunity to compete against the best of the best from all NASA Regions at the NASA Championships. NASA Championship winners and participants can earn outstanding contingency awards and prizes.

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Participation Requirements

In order to compete in our events, you must be a current member of NASA and hold a current NASA Competition License or NASA Provisional License. NASA Competition Licenses are issued per calendar year race season and are valid from January through December, regardless of the date of license purchase.  Allow ample license processing time.

Rules and Regulations

NASA sanctions all NASA SoCal races and the rules of our race program comply with the current NASA Club Codes and Regulations and NASA race series rules. The NASA SoCal regional sprint race series is open to sedans and sport racers in all NASA race series classes. Check out our guide on which racing class to choose.

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Safety Equipment and Technical Requirements

You can read the minimum requirements for race car safety equipment and driver apparel  in the current NASA Club Codes and Regulations. You will receive a NASA Race Car logbook when you take your race vehicle to its first NASA annual race car tech inspection at an approved NASA SoCal race tech inspection station.

At the beginning of each calendar year, you must renew your annual race car tech inspection and make sure it is documented in the NASA Race Car Logbook.

You must have an AMB transponder for timing & scoring purposes. You can buy one or rent one at the track.