Competition Drivers’ School

The NASA Competition Drivers’ School (Comp School) is for experienced drivers who wish to obtain their NASA Competition Drivers’ License. It prepares experienced drivers for wheel-to-wheel racing and graduates are qualified to apply for their NASA Competition License AND a BMW CCA Club Racing license. If you have proof of prior experience in HPDE 4 or in Time Trial, you may be eligible to participate.

On-Track and Classroom Training

The NASA Comp School is highly structured and is conducted in a non-contact environment. It is limited to 30 participants and features an experienced team of NASA instructors and BMW CCA Club Racing drivers. Students are evaluated throughout the course and take a formal written test at the end.

The instructor-led training includes:

  • Eight classroom sessions on topics such as:
    • Race-specific flagging
    • Racing strategy
    • NASA Club Codes and Regulations
  • Eight on-track sessions where you practice skills like:
    • Open corner passing
    • Three-wide exercises
    • Race starts.

You must use a car that complies with either NASA HPDE Tech Requirements or Race Tech Requirements. You do not need a car with a cage that passes race tech.

All candidates must submit a summary of their driving experience to the Chief Instructor: Steve Stepanian, [email protected]