Track Advice: Sessions 2-4

Session 2: I’m really on a racetrack! What should I think about?

Track Communication

• Corner Workers, do you know where they are, what they are for? Waive to them on cool down lap.

• Passing – Doing it and being passed. Be predictable and use hand signals

• Situational awareness – Sharing the track with others.

• Learn key corner numbers/names for discussion

Elements of a turn

1. Braking Zone- Firm application of brake in a straight line prior to corner

2. Turn-In – Point of brake release and movement of the steering wheel to hit the>>>>>

3. Apex – Point on track inside tire should touch during the turn which is critical to the proper line

4. Exit- Point on edge of track you will find as you unwind the steering wheel while applying throttle

Good driving techniques

• Straight line adjustments: Shifting and Braking should be done in straight line in the beginning

• Hand Positions- 10 & 2

• Seating Position- Elbows bent at 90 degress

• Mirrors- Position so you can see cars along side your vehicle.. wider than street

• Checking out the car during the straights (check temps, oil, and BREATHE, relax)


• Recognize them, bring them up in class and discuss. Others are having same problems.

• How to avoid them

Session 2 Recap Goal: Brake in Straight, Put Tire on Apex. Can you hit apex in all turns?

Session 3: Yea, Yeah, I get this, but I want to go faster…

Going Faster

• Exit Speed is the key but why? You carry momentum out of a turn for a longer period of time

• Slow-in, Fast-Out – If you carry too much speed into the turn you must over slow the car to retain control

• Smooth Inputs: Brakes, Shifting, Turning, Acceleration.

• Looking Ahead = Smooth Steering inputs


• Try to setup a one goal for each session and get it right before trying something else.

o Brake in a straight line in one singular motion prior to turn-in.

o Work on getting the car to the apex. Prove you can do it at each turn.

o Heads Up, Eyes forward- Look ahead to corner then past corner

o Ask yourself- Am I pushing too hard or taking any unnecessary risks?

Session 3 Goal: Apply Slow-in, fast Out, Look ahead down the track.

Session 4: OK, it is more difficult than it sounds, but I want to go faster…

Finding the fastest Line

• Back to the basics- Review elements of a turn on page 2!

• The exit is where the speed is but you can’t have it without the apex. So what do you need first?

• Back Track Method (thank you Dave Royce)… work from the exit backwards

• If you are not hitting the apex you are entering the turn too fast. Must use Slow-In, Fast-Out.

• Slow down, it works.

Adjusting your line

• Earlier vs. Late Apex- How do you decide? When you can accelerate the longest time prior to the next turn

• Determining the apex of a turn- Ask instructors what is best.

Advanced Techniques

• Weight Transfer

• Heel / Toe

• Trail Braking

• Racing vs. Driving / Qualifying lines

• Tire Pressures, and how they affect our driving experience

• Car Modifications: types, purpose, advice

Words Of Wisdom

• Yes, you must learn all those things (and more) to be fast. So, stick with it, enjoy the learning, and don’t rush the

fundamentals. You could be a master of the Heel / Toe but if you can’t place the car at the apex it is worthless.

• Don’t let people push you into faster groups until you decide that you are ready.

• Remember to make SAFETY your number one goal while driving. Taking risks will only gain you a bad reputation, a bent

car, and perhaps a ride to the hospital.

Session 4 Goal: Don’t overdrive, focus on the item your instructor kept telling you, have fun!