Track Advice for Beginners: Session 1

Welcome, Procedures, Basics

  • Why are you here? Fun, Excitement, Learning, and of course Driving Fast…. but most important item is SAFETY!!
  • Technical Inspection form & Tech Sticker on Window (one per weekend)
  • Clean Car of all loose objects. No hand held objects (cameras/ cell phones, etc)
  • Numbers on both sides of car large enough to be visible (tape is ok)
  • HPDE Passport- Get from your instructor to track your progress.
  • Track Map and Handout. Attempt to learn corner numbers and where flaggers are placed
  • Passengers: Sorry, not in group 1 or 2.
  • Instructors will stay with you until Advance to Gp2. Report Instructors that are late or do not show to HPDE Director.
Track Procedures
  • Pre-Grid : Lining up in Pre-Grid- HPDE 1 lines up next to pit wall
  • Hot Pits- Adjacent to Pit wall (Between track and Pits)
  • Entering the Track- Stay on entry side of track until next corner. Do not ‘blend’ cross track
  • First Lap- Gain visual awareness of track condition and flag stations.
  • Exiting the Track- Extend left hand out window during last section prior to exit. Do not slow down until off line
  • Paddock speed is 5MPH. Watch for small children and people working on cars not looking around.

You are required to know them prior to driving.

  • Passing Zones: where are they? Study passing zones on map.
  • Rules: Person being passed stays on the racing line which is most predictable.
    • It is up to the passing driver to make the pass safe and clean. Passing driver goes ‘off-line’ to make the pass; the driver being passed should help by ‘breathing’ the throttle, do not brake, but stay ‘on-line’.
    • Pass must be completed before the braking zone
  • Point-by’s
    • Highly recommended but not required, make them clear
    • A point-by is an invitation, not a command. Make a point by clear and substantial with a pointing motion
  • Watch for the passing flag, but don’t worry about traffic until the next passing zone. Concentrate on your line and driving smoothly the entire time even while being passed.
What if I go off the track?
  • Drive straight off the track, DO NOT CORRECT AND TRY TO GET BACK ON THE RACETRACK. Odds are in your favor that you will not hit anything if you drive straight off and apply the brakes
  • All off-track experiences require coming into Black Flag Station – Period
  • Make sure you know why you went off track and discuss with your instructor
  • If you can see a flag station they will signal to re-enter the track. If a course worker is not visible move the car off the track surface to gain visibility of traffic or a flag station.
  • If you think your car is leaking fluids pull off track 2+ car widths and remain belted in car with hand raised.
What can you expect your first time out?
  • Driving on a racetrack is very different than driving on the street, try to forget all those bad habits.
  • Get a track map, study it, and be able to correlate to the real thing.
  • Lots of things to do: Gas, cars, shifting, braking, listen to your instructor. Precision driving must be learned.
  • Don’t think about setting speed records, work on learning.
  • You will drive to where you are looking. Concentrate on keeping your eyes ahead of the turn.
  • If you’re not having fun, please see the head instructor.

Session 1 Recap Goal: Where are the corner workers? What are they wearing?