SE46 Compliance Check: May 21-22, 2022

Visit tech Friday afternoon or Saturday at 7am.

Keep logbooks in cars at all times.

Upon request from the national office, we will be performing compliance checks on all SE46 cars for Rule 9.13 during the event at Willow Springs on May 21-22.

To facilitate this process, please make sure all drivers/teams:

  • Bring cars to tech on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning at 7am.
  • Have logbooks in cars at all times during the event.

Details about the Compliance Check

SE46 Rule 9.13: “Engine must be controlled by a MS43 ECU flashed with the Epic Motorsports Spec E46 tune. The Epic tamper proof seal must be intact. Cars equipped with MS45 ECU must replace the ECU and related components with MS43 compatible parts.”
Upon inspection:
  • If the Epic seal is intact, the tech inspector will place a numbered, dated, and signed NASA SoCal sticker on the ECU and record the seal number in the logbook.
  • If the Epic seal is NOT intact, the tech inspector will impound the ECU and, at the owner’s expense, send it to Epic to be flashed and returned to NASA SoCal.
A new/replacement ECU must have an Epic cert and an Epic seal, and must be inspected by NASA SoCal to receive a numbered, dated, signed NASA SoCal sticker.
We are still working out the logistics of the process, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.