How to qualify for the Regional championship

This is how we will calculate points for the NASA SoCal Regional Points Championship in 2022. This information supplements CCR Section 22.1 Season Points System.

Points Races

All drivers can earn points towards the regional championship in 19 races scheduled over the course of ten (10) events (nine (9) events plus the feature race at the National Championship). Spec E46 and Spec E30 drivers can also earn points towards the regional points championship in their (nine) 9 qualifying races this year. 


To be eligible for the regional championship, drivers must participate in one more than half the number of races that score points in a season. In 2022, drivers must participate in at least 10 races.

All series must average three (3) cars per class per event for the year. 

Double-Points Races

Drivers will earn double points for races at Willow Springs on May 21-22, 2022, and at Chuckwalla on Nov. 12-13, 2022. 

[22.2 Dropping Race Scores]

Competitors may drop the four (4) of their lowest points-scoring races. This applies to all series, regardless of the number of races that count for points. 

[22.7 National Championship]

NASA SoCal drivers who race in the feature race at the National Championship at Laguna Seca, Sept. 15-18, 2022, will earn points towards the NASA SoCal Regional Championship. 

Updated 1/24/2022