Competition Licensing Program

The NASA Competition Licensing Program educates, trains, and qualifies drivers for a NASA Competition License.

There are two components to the NASA Competition Licensing Program:

  • High Performance Driving Event (HPDE)
    • There are four HPDE run groups (levels 1-4).
    • We hold four track sessions and four classroom sessions per day for each run group. Sessions last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
    • Run groups are based entirely on driver experience and skill.
  • Competition Drivers’ School
    • Two full days of instructor-led training
    • Eight classroom sessions
    • Eight on-track sessions

If you want to drive in NASA-sanctioned events with an open passing environment (i.e., Time Trial, Road Racing, Endurance Racing, etc.), you must hold a valid NASA Competition License, NASA Provisional License, or NASA TT License.


Provisional License

To be considered for a NASA Provisional License, you must have successfully completed one of the following racing schools:

  • NASA Competition Drivers’ School
  • SCCA Competition Drivers’ School
  • A NASA or SCCA accredited racing’ school
    • Ford Racing School is the official driving school of NASA. This is the only school in America that will teach you the required skills to earn a NASA provisional competition license.
Competition License

To receive a NASA Competition License, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • NASA completed Provisional License holder
  • FIA, Grand Am, SCCA license holder

If you have a current or expired competition license from another organization (FIA, Grand Am, SCCA):

Waiver of License Requirements

Due to the lead time required for your to obtain a physical license, the Regional Director may grant a temporary Waiver of License Requirements under one of the following conditions:

  • It is your first race event of the NASA region and you show proof of a currently valid SCCA, Grand Am, or FIA road racing license.
  • You have completed the NASA Race Licensing Certification and have been approved by the Region’s Licensing Instructor for a Provisional License.
  • You hold a valid license with a co-sanctioned group, or guest group.
Time Trial License

The Regional TT Director must approve all drivers before you may compete. The minimum requirements you need to meet include:

  • Verifiable driver history such as:
    • Successful completion of a NASA HPDE 4 event, or
    • A valid NASA Competition or Provisional License, or
    • A valid competition or TT license with another organization.
  • Knowledge of NASA TT rules and understanding of the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Understanding of the nature of NASA TT, including the spirit of cooperation that is required between drivers on the track.
  • Understanding of the high standard of driving performance and safety that is expected.
  • Knowledge of the technical and safety inspection process.

After the Regional TT Director approves your request to begin TT competition, you need to purchase a Provisional TT License before your first event.