HPDE Intro

An introductory, one-day track experience.

HPDE Intro is an introductory track experience for drivers who want to try it on for size; it’s a shorter one day program than HPDE 1 — the beginner level of track instruction. Currently, this program is available to drivers who purchase a 2022 GR Supra or GR86 as part of a national level partnership with Toyota. You can find out more about the national program here.

When you sign up for HPDE Intro, you will participate in classroom sessions and four instructor-led, on-track sessions. Preparation is straightforward. Bring a car in good condition, with good brakes and good tires. You will need a helmet (See NASA’s CCR for current requirements). Long pants, closed-toed shoes, and eye protection are recommended.

Once you have signed up, you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt. In addition to the information on the website, you will receive a final event information e-mail on the Wednesday before the event, with specific information about your weekend.

Just like our other HPDE drivers, you’ll be required to tech your car, attend the all-hands HPDE driver meetings, and the HPDE 1 classroom meetings.

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