1.  What is HPDE Intro?  HPDE Intro is an introductory, open-track driving school designed for owners of the 2022 GR Supra and GR 86 as part of a national partnership program with Toyota. This one-day program includes paced-track laps, car-control drills and skills, and classroom and on-track instruction.

2.  How fast will I have to drive? HPDE Intro is geared to drivers who have never been on a closed-run course.  While both the Supra and GR 86 are fast cars, you are in control of how fast you’d like to drive. All students are introduced to the program at slower speeds. You may achieve higher speeds towards the end of the day when you have some experience, classroom knowledge, and familiarity with the road course.

3.  Do I need to modify my car? No. The Supra and GR86 are well balanced, easy to drive, and very fun.

4.  Will it hurt my car? Absolutely not. Both cars are designed for the track with great handling, excellent braking and wonderful balance.  You will be driving on track for approximately 1.5 hours broken up into four 15-20 minute sessions. You will begin with instructed orientation laps performed at 50 mph, and increase speeds as you learn and become more comfortable. The HPDE Intro program is equivalent to a long, spirited drive in the country or a fun weekend of driving on curvy roads.

5.  Is there education?  Yes. HPDE Intro mirrors our benchmark HPDE 1 educational program. The classroom sessions introduce safety and performance driving basics, followed by on-track, professionally-instructed sessions, and followed by classroom debriefing. Total classroom time is approximately 3.5 hours.

6.  Do I need extra insurance? Some drivers prefer to purchase track-day specific insurance which can cover the entire value of your vehicle; however, the majority of the drivers in this marketplace do not. We recommend Hagerty Track Day Insurance.

7.  What is the instruction format? You will be driving your car on track in a lead/follow format. You will follow and mimic a professional instructor for most of the day.  This is a very effective method of learning performance driving.

8.  I have more questions.  Who do I talk to? The NASA SoCal HPDE Intro program point of contact is Patrick Orozco. Patrick can be reached at: [email protected]