How to Get a Time Trial License

In order to compete in Time Trials, you must email John Magnuson, the regional TT director, and request approval: [email protected]

The minimum requirements you need to meet include:

  • Verifiable driver history such as:
    • Successful completion of a NASA HPDE 4 event, or
    • A valid NASA Competition or Provisional License, or
    • A valid competition or TT license with another organization.
  • Knowledge of NASA TT rules and understanding of the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Understanding of the nature of NASA TT, including the spirit of cooperation that is required between drivers on the track.
  • Understanding of the high standard of driving performance and safety that is expected.
  • Knowledge of the technical and safety inspection process.

After the regional TT director approves your request to begin TT competition, you need to purchase a Provisional TT License before your first event.

Email John Magnuson: [email protected]