Important Information



HPDE/Time Trial/Competition Drivers’ School/Open Track: Full refund less $30.00 processing fee, with at least 1 week notice prior to the event; otherwise, no refunds or credits. No refunds or credits will be given if one has mechanical problems or does not pass tech inspection. No exceptions.

Race Groups: Fees may be carried over to a future event without penalty or fees are fully refundable, less a $30 processing fee, provided that you registered at least 14 days in advance and you notify your NASA region within 5 days following the missed event. No partial refunds allowed. This policy does not apply to special events. Once the car hits the track all fees are non refundable.

  • Most tracks run a test day on Friday for race cars (not HPDE). To participate, racers register with and pay the track directly. Check the track websites for details.
  • If NASA is offering online registration, that means NASA is operating the test day. Check the NASA SoCal and the NASA websites for information.


Please check the event page for the weekend schedule. The schedule is typically posted few days before the event.


  • You do not need to visit registration unless you are renting a transponder. Simply attend your drivers’ meeting at the time indicted on the schedule.
  • If you have rented a transponder, you can pick that up from registration.


  • Annual Inspection: You must have a current year, annual inspection and valid tech sticker prior to your first race of the season.
    • Review this checklist to determine if your car will pass inspection.
  • Logbook: All cars must have a logbook.
    • Cars without a NASA logbook pay a $40.00 fee for new logbook and inspection.
    • Cars with a NASA logbook pay a $20.00 fee for a current year annual inspection. Annual inspections will be available beginning Saturday at 7am in the impound area. Look for a small trailer near the pit wall.
  • Safety Reminders:
    • All race cars are required to have a side impact net or a seat with head bolsters on the right side. Please see CCR 15.17.9.
    • All racers are required to use a SFI 38.1 approved Head and Neck Restraint (CCR 15.17.8)
    • Helmets must be SA2010 or newer.
  • Event Supplemental Regulations (SUPS) might apply to the event. Please check the event page.


  • Tech Inspection Form: Download and print form.
  • Pre-tech: Any repair shop with an ASE certified mechanic may perform your inspection.
    • Attach business card to form or have them stamp it.
    • Bring tech form (that has been signed by a tech shop) to tech trailer and get a tech sticker.
    • Apply tech sticker to upper left corner of windshield.
    • Attend HPDE drivers meeting at time specified on schedule.

Note: If you have aftermarket seat and/or belts, read the CCR for compliance. Don’t assume an ASE shop reads the rule book; they don’t necessarily know what is legal.

  • Trackside Tech
    • HPDE Trackside Tech Fee: $5.00
    • Bring your car to the tech trailer for inspection by 7:00 AM.
    • We will inspect the car, sign the tech form, and give you a tech sticker.
    • Put your tech sticker on your car before you line up in pre-grid.
  • Car Numbers: HPDE cars need a 3-digit number affixed to both sides of car. Blue painter’s tape works great. Choose a combination of 3 different digits (example# 157) to prevent duplication. TT may use 2-digit numbers.
  • Roll Protection: Convertibles require roll protection (CCR 11.4.7) Some vehicles with OEM roll protection are permitted (S2K, Boxster,).
  • No Passengers: Regional rules do not allow passengers in convertibles in any group or in HPDE 1&2.


  • Check the schedule on the event page and report to your meeting on time.
  • Group leaders take attendance and distribute wrist bands at the drivers’ meetings.

TRANSPONDERS [Transponders are not used in HPDE 1&2]

We use the AMB/MYLAPS timing system. You must have a transponder to race.

  • If you have your own transponder, you should have filled out the number when you registered. If you did not fill out this number, please email me the number.
  • If you need to rent a transponder, please report to registration with a check or cash for $50.00 and a credit card as security and we will provide one to use for the weekend.


Our SoCal Chaplain Aaron Schwartzbart conducts a chapel service on Sunday morning from 7:20-7:50 am. All faiths welcome to attend. More info:


We use a loudspeaker system for announcements.


Most tracks charge $10.00 per person through the gate. We do not take any of this money but please have it ready to make the line go quickly in the morning.

RV’s may park and camp overnight, and hookups are available from the track office unless otherwise specified.

Please do not park race cars or transporters along the COLD PIT WALL. We need room for impound and will ask you to relocate.


All drivers must follow the one-way directions to enter and exit the track. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH CONES OR BARRICADES.

Speed limit is 5MPH in the paddock. Anyone caught speeding will be penalized.


  • If available, fuel pumps are operated by the track and they sell 100 and 110.
  • Tire service is available through the track unless otherwise specified. There is NO TIRE SERVICE at Auto Club Speedway.
  • DO NOT leave or dump oil at the track. Anyone caught will be permanently suspended
  • Do not litter. Leave your pit space clean or you will be charged $100.
  • Motorized standup scooters are prohibited as are skateboards, big wheels, etc. It is an insurance regulation, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Any licensed driver may operate a vehicle that can be licensed to use on the road (moped, bicycle, ATV). This means if a person doesn’t have a license they need to walk.
  • You can find any other track information on the tracks’ websites:

Confused? Have questions? Email: [email protected]