Wyatt Couch and Eric Slivkoff on top in Spec Miata at Buttonwillow

At the drop of the green at Buttonwillow, Wyatt Couch capitalized on pole position and jumped into the lead, with Anthony Zarcone, Ryan Pond and Mike Haddad hot on his tail.
A couple of laps later, Pond was within striking distance, but was unable to take the lead, so when the race went to full-course caution and bunched up the field, that presented new opportunities.
When the race returned to green, there was only about 10 minutes left in the race, and Pond had his sights homed in on Couch, but Zarcone and Blake Minasian were just behind looking for opportunities of their own. In the end, Couch held off Pond to take the win, and Zarcone was able to get around Pond to take second, putting Pond in third.
“We had the yellow with 10 to go, which was a bunched us back up and made it all interesting when we got


Spec MX-5 Club Racing Factory Team Debuts at Buttonwillow Opener

If you wanted to catch a glimpse of the Spec MX-5 field in the paddock at Buttonwillow Raceway in April, all you had to do was look for the newest, shiniest, prettiest cars in the paddock. The grid consisted mostly of newly constructed cars, including two supported by Mazda Motorsports, so they were fairly easy to spot.
After the inaugural race on the 2021 calendar at Buttonwillow in April, they all still looked the same as they did when they came off their trailers, save for a bit of Buttonwillow dust on a few.
The Spec MX-5 field gridded up with cars from American Iron, Super Touring and Thunder Roadster, so they had fast company. Mazda Motorsports Club Racing Factory team and Teen Mazda Challenge driver Alex Berg made the most of qualifying by logging a sub-2-minute lap time. That’s quick.
Berg capitalized on pole position and led the race from flag to


Winning an Away Game

NASA SoCal Super Touring 2 racer Ralph Warren was a long way from home when he took the ST2 win at Watkins Glen in April.
Waiting for a full-course caution to clear late in the race, Warren used his spotters and his crew — and a well prepped E90 M3 — to his advantage to get an idea of what kind of traffic lay ahead of him, and put that to work on his last-lap dash with NASA Northeast ST2 standout Mark Petronis in his C5 Corvette.
Traffic played a role, as did the draft, but Warren created his own opportunity by going “full send” into the Bus Stop, and then he never looked back. The radio communications up to the restart and after the checkered flag in this Move of the Month make it more fun and interesting, even though we had to lower the volume to omit a few “celebratory”


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