A Dusty Finish to the 2021 WERC Season

Anyone who has raced at Buttonwillow Raceway knows about the infamous “Buttonwillow dust.” Once it gets inside your car, it will always be inside your car. In the daytime, it can present a genuine peril on track because it occludes a driver’s vision of what’s ahead. If there’s no wind, it just hangs over the track like fog over San Francisco Bay. Breathe it in too deeply and you could end up with a nasty case of valley fever. At night, it’s even more dangerous because all your headlights do is illuminate the dust, and what lies ahead is as good as invisible. Eastern and Midwestern readers probably tire of reading about it, but the photo that opens this story should provide some idea of what it’s like. When the Western Endurance Racing Challenge series met in October at Buttonwillow Raceway for the last race before the 25 Hours of […]

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