2006 Season Recap

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Holiday Season and looking forward to the start of another great year of racing in SoCal. We achieved great things in 2006 and we hope to make the same strides in 2007. Looking back, we had fantastic participation in HPDE and sold out 90% of our HPDE1 groups. This is a great compliment to our cadre of excellent instructors and proves their ability to impart their wisdom to drivers that are looking forward to learning the nuances of track driving. We also had another record year in our Time Trial program and SoCal region witnessed 117 individual competitors participate in the program. In fact, 8 SoCal TT drivers earned a podium finish at our National Championship event, which was the most podium positions, claimed by any region. Congratulations to all who participated and performed so well.

Our SoCal Racing program experienced a decent growth spurt as well. We continue to see Honda Challenge, American Iron, CMC, Super Unlimited, and our newest class Performance Touring gain new racers every event. As usual, the season championship for Honda Challenge and SE-R Cup was decided at the last race weekend of the year, which is always an indication of great competition. In typical NASA style, we are making more changes in 2007 to develop a better racing program and you will notice that 41 racing classes have been either eliminated or directed to a new and improved Performance Touring/Super Touring class were we expect to see great things. Our intention is to create bigger classes with more competition and make it more simple for a racer to participate. It is never any fun to have just a few cars in a class and this new strategy should enable every racer to choose a competitive class and experience decent car counts. Please take a look at the Performance Touring and Super Touring (new class) rules if you have not already done so.

We look forward to our second National Championship event at Mid Ohio in September and I can only hope that SoCal does as well as we did his year. You can be proud of the fact that 32 of our racers participated in the event and 16 of them claimed a podium position! That means 50% of SoCal racers who participated claimed one of the top 3 spots. The next closest region was Ohio/Indiana at 26% (23 of 88 entries) of their racers made it to the podium. I am very proud of our drivers that made it clear to everyone across the country that SoCal is a tremendous force. It is an honor to have such a great group of drivers in our region and I can’t wait to see some more familiar faces on the top of the scoring sheets.